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Process review, design, implementation, and documentation for small businesses

What is Dandi Processes? 


Based in Wellington, Dandi Processes helps small businesses in New Zealand to untangle their processes. 


Specialising in process review, process implementation, project management, and documentation, Dandi Processes review, develop, document and format your workflows into repeatable systems and processes that will save you time, money and enable you to scale. We also help to implement them. 

What problems do we solve? 

Business expansion issues 

Logistical issues



How do we solve them?

Process review

Human-centric business analysis

Process development

Process implementation


Staff training and workshops

Project management 

Future-proofing business growth


If you’re struggling to define and document your processes, book your free consultation and we’ll sort it.

Your problem solvers

Does your team keep dropping the ball and making costly mistakes? 


Do you want to grow your business, but need help creating scalable processes? 


Are inefficient, inconsistent, or messy processes in your business costing you time and money?


Dandi Processes can help. 


I’m Dawn Rodgers, your Business Process expert. I help fix what’s not working in your business with my no BS approach to process design and implementation.  


By untangling your processes, we can help reduce costly errors, improve teamwork and communication, set you up for growth and put you back in control of your business.


I firmly believe in the need for robust processes for any business to thrive. If you need help solving a problem in your business, book your free consultation and I'll sort it. 

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