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Your problem solvers

Does your team keep dropping the ball and making costly mistakes? 


Do you want to grow your business, but need help to create scalable processes? 


Are inefficient, inconsistent, or messy processes in your business costing you time and money?


Dandi Processes can help. 


I’m Dawn Rodgers, your business process expert. I help fix what’s not working in your business with my no BS approach to process design and implementation.  


I’ll work with you to untangle your processes, help reduce costly errors, improve teamwork and communication, and put you back in control of your business.  

With over 30 years’ experience in process design and implementation you can be sure you are in safe hands. If you’re struggling with a problem in your business, from expansion to logistics to compliance, I can help. 


I firmly believe in the need for robust processes for any business to thrive.  So I will make processes and procedures easy for you and your team. If you need help solving a problem in your business, book your consultation and we’ll sort it. 

Book your consultation
What is Dandi Processes? 


Based in Wellington, Dandi Processes helps small businesses in New Zealand to untangle their processes. 


Specialising in process review, process implementation and documentation, I’ll review, develop, document and format your workflows into repeatable systems and processes that will save you time, money and enable you to scale. I’ll also help to implement them. 

What problems do I solve? 

Business expansion issues. 

Logistical issues. 




How do I solve them?

Process review.

Human-centric business analysis.

Process development.

Process implementation.


Staff training and workshops. 

Project management. 

Future-proofing business growth.

Business coahing.


If you’re struggling to define and document your processes, book your consultation today.

What to expect during our consultation

A consultation meeting can take up to two hours and will be conducted in person, by phone or video conferencing. 


At our consultation meeting we’ll discuss what problems you’re facing in your business and discuss the best solutions, including how Dandi Processes may be able to assist your business. 


If Dandi Processes can help solve the problems you’re facing and you’d like to proceed, you will get a no obligation proposal outlining your next steps and the solutions I can assist with. 


The proposal will include suggestions and recommendations to take your business to the next level, and the cost of those services.  There may be a cost associated with the proposal process.

If you would like more information, check out our FAQs here.

Book a consultation 


Are you ready to take back control and enable your business to grow? Let’s chat! 


To book your consultation with Dawn Rodgers simply fill out the form below or call 027 530 4450. Have a question?  Contact us

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