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Documentation services

Formal documentation for small businesses

Do you need an expert to document your processes? 


Dandi Processes can document your new or existing processes, edit or proofread your existing documentation, or advise on how to put a document management system in place for your business.


Based in Wellington, Business Process Consultant Dawn Rodgers helps small and medium businesses document their processes.

Documentation, proofreading, and editing

Documentation services

Dandi Processes provides the following services: 

Process formalisation

Template creation

Document management

Manual writing or review

Preparation of training material




Case Study

Dandi Processes has been working with Sunshine Homes & Cabins to document all their existing processes, create templates for management of their projects, and create a document management system.

Sunshine Homes had robust processes in place but nothing was formally documented.  As a result, as their operation grew, the larger team did not know the processes.  Requirements were falling through the gaps and money was being left on the table because processes were not in place to capture changed requirements.

Initially, some business analysis was necessary to establish understanding of the operation and the specific problems.  Then the existing processes were documented and templates were created.  The need for new processes was identified which included development of a formalised filing system.  Once these were in place, they were documented and training material was developed.  Staff training followed.

Project management

Because of the nature of their operation, Sunshine Homes has compliance requirements.  Dandi Processes did the research related to these to ensure templates and documentation included the details as appropriate.

Informal project management has been provided to ensure successful implementation of the new processes.  This includes weekly reporting on progress.

Want to see if Dandi Processes can help you document and refine your processes?  

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