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Frequently asked questions

What happens when I book a consultation?

This meeting can take up to two hours and will be conducted in person, by phone or video conferencing. We meet and discuss the problems you are facing in your business.  There is a pre-meeting list of questions for you to consider so that you are prepared for the meeting and we make the most of your time.

What is the proposal process?

We meet and discuss the problems you are facing in your business.  If we agree that I can help you and you want to go ahead, I will prepare the proposal and get this to you within one week.  The proposal will include advice and recommendations to improve your processes.  Where Dandi Processes can assist, there will be details of the activities and the associated costs.  There will also be timelines for these activities.  The proposal is structured in such a way that you can pick and choose which activities you might want Dandi Processes to undertake.  If you decide that you would like to go ahead with any of the activities, we will sign a terms of engagement and get started.  Weekly reporting is provided on progress.

What types of recommendations are included in the proposal?

The proposal may include activities that Dandi Processes can assist with and there might be recommendations for other professionals who are better qualified to assist.  I am a member of the Virtual Assistants (VANNZ) and can provide contact information or introductions for all sorts of skills to assist your business.  The VAANZ members usually charge by the hour and are very reasonable.  I personally use a bookkeeper from this group.

Recommendations that Dandi Processes can assist with may include:

  • suitable apps and software to automate processes. 

  • development of MS Word, Outlook, and Excel templates. 

  • set up and management of SharePoint for you and your team.   

  • documentation of your processes, policies etc. 

  • training of your staff on new processes for implementation. 

  • project management/coordination.

  • administration to establish processes.

What is the cost?

The proposal will cost $380 plus GST.  

Why do you charge for a proposal?

A lot of research and business analysis goes into preparation of the proposal.  You will be given advice and recommendations that are a result of my many years experience involved in process design, business analysis, and project management.  The proposal will include details and the cost of the recommendations I can help with.  You might choose to implement the recommendations yourself or you might engage another professional to implement my ideas.  I am happy to help in whatever way suits your business, but will charge for the time I spend developing your proposal.  If your requirements do not warrant a proposal, I will not charge you for advice given at the meeting or in a subsequent follow up email. 

Do I have to get a proposal?

No, you do not.  If you know what you want me to assist with, we can get started immediately.  A proposal is useful if you do not know where to start or what tools are available to help untangle your processes.  Also, a proposal is likely to include ideas that you had not considered.  At the first consultation, you can decide that you do not want to go ahead with a proposal, you can choose to engage Dandi Processes for a specific activity, or you can get the full no-obligation proposal.  My aim is to make this as easy as possible for you to improve your day to day business operations.

Is there other ways for working with you? 

Of course.  One model that have worked well is ongoing process improvement or project management.  This is where I work on a time and materials basis.  This is a great way to work through your processes while making improvements along the way.  You determine how many hours you would like me to do and I report weekly on the progress made based on the time spent.   This allows us to frequently check in and ensure improvements are being made and are fit for purpose.  This is a great model when you have good processes but need them documented and refined.

Another model is a certain number of hours for a specific activity that regularly takes place.  For example, project coordination for small projects when they reach a specific stage - kitchen installation or monthly training of staff.

How will I know that my business is safe and in good hands? 

I have many years of experience managing data and projects for global regulatory authorities.  This includes, UK Civil Aviation Authority, Civil Aviation Singapore, Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia, Civil Aviation Authority NZ, Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB), Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board (PGDB), and more, representing many industries. 

I am happy to sign any non-disclosure documentation and have a specific document for this purpose if required.  I will not share any of your information and will only use your business name or details for promotional purposes if you allow it by posting in a public forum (Google reviews etc) or with your specific permission.

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