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Email templates

Every customer I have worked with so far has had concerns and issues with consistency. The ball gets dropped, customers get the wrong message, or costly mistakes are made.

All of these issues are avoidable with good processes. A great place to start improving processes is with the introduction of templates. Template letters, spreadsheets, emails, invoices, quotes etc ensure you provide consist professional information. Some people fear templates will remove spontaneity and personality from the message - making it harder to build relationships with customers etc. This should not be the case.

Templates are the starting point, ensuring information is not omitted. Users of the templates should have the ability for their own messaging and flair as well as the business's messaging. Your staff will love templates that enable them to quickly respond to customers with the right message every time.

Email templates are a great example. By creating a template, you can ensure vital attachments are included, the subject line reflects the correct message, and the business's branding is correct and professional.

Check out How To set up professional reusable email templates for you and your team.

If you would like help with the wording of or setting up your email templates, contact me on 027 5304450.

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