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As I go into week five of my new venture, I have been reflecting. I was somewhat naive starting out. I had no idea how much there was to think about when starting a business. I have spent the last four weeks doing largely this - setting up my business. I have received the most amazing support and advice from so many people. When I have had speed-wobbles, some have set me straight and while others have just been there to prop me up. I know I will look back on this time with fondness even though it has been quite daunting.

So to set up my business, I have created my office to be everything my previous space was not. It is warm, bright and breezy, and with the best view. I can actually see the weather and determine whether it is nice enough to down tools and go for a walk. This was my lifeline during lock-down when I managed to walk every day. I have a great space to have meetings and somewhere to put everything ... even a lovely smelling candle. I know this is impossible to create in a corporate environment, but I think the concepts of clear desks, hot desks, and shared desks steals something from your very core. I certainly understand the enthusiasm with which some have held on to working from home.

I have business cards, which I thought were out of vogue. However, I have been asked for them many times and am pleased to have them. My website is a work in progress which is being well critiqued by a few people ... thank you - you know who you are!

I have joined some groups and have been attending meetings and training. Twenty-five years in the same organisation has limited my networking. I am not the greatest at small talk and constantly meeting new people, but when you want to promote yourself and your business, this is a must. At this stage in the process, I am quite tired and ready for a holiday!

However, I have processes to develop. After all, as this is my business, I need to ensure I have great processes.

I am ready to go, so now it is time to focus on increasing my customer base.

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Good honest review just what i expected.

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