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Process development, review, and implementation services

Expert guidance to develop or review your processes

Do you need an expert to review, design, implement and optimise your business’s processes to save you time, money, and headaches? 


Whether you’re a small business owner wanting to scale, or are facing logistical issues due to disorganised processes or lack thereof, Dandi Processes can help. 


Based in Wellington, Business Process Consultant Dawn Rodgers helps small and medium businesses to untangle their processes and set them up for growth with insightful analysis to review your current business processes and help you redesign them. 

Process design and review

Specialising in process review, process implementation and documentation, Dawn will review, develop, document and format your workflows into repeatable systems and processes that will save you time, money and enable you to scale. She can also help to implement them. 

Process review and design services

Dandi Processes provides the following services: 

Human-centric business analysis

Process development

Process review

Process implementation


Future-proofing for growth

Free consultation

How can Dandi Processes help?

Get in touch with me if you’re experiencing any of the following: 

Your business is growing and your previous processes aren’t working anymore. 

You need to expand your team, but you don't have documented processes, your processes rely heavily on you being around, or you don't know where to start. 

Your jobs are consistently taking longer than planned due to logistical issues. 

Your team isn’t communicating effectively due to lack of processes in place.

You’re losing money because of mistakes being made due to disorganisation. 

You want to scale your business, but you don’t have process or documentation in place. 

Your business processes aren’t formalised or documented. 

Processes in your business aren’t working efficiently, meaning you’re leaving money on the table, or losing it.

Want to see if Dandi Processes can help you solve the problems you’re facing in your business?  Contact me.

What’s the Dandi process?


Initial consultation

The first step is to book a complimentary consultation.  During this consultation, I’ll discuss the problems you’re facing in your business, processes that are working and those that are not to see:


If Dandi Processes can help you solve your problem.  A proposal will be created outlining the ways that Dandi Processes can help, other recommendations, and a timeline for implementation. 

Process review and analysis 

This process means getting involved with your day-to-day operations to carry out business analysis to determine which processes are working and which are not.  This might also involving talking to other members of your team and, if appropriate, your customers.

Process development

After process review and analysis has taken place, the solutions will be identified and developed. The solutions might be as simple as template letters, automated emails, or something more complex like the development of a database.  

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