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Project management services

Simple and effective project management

Do you need an expert to manage your next project or the implementation of your new processes? 


Dandi Processes can manage all aspects of your project or provide specific assistance as required. I provide informal project management to ensure there is flexibility to change with your changing needs.


I am based in Wellington, helping small and medium businesses manage their projects. 


Specialising in process review and documentation, I can also project management the implementation.

Project management

Project management services

Dandi Processes provides the following services: 

Goal setting

Agreed timelines

Defined details

Change management

Risk management

Clear communications

Regular reporting

Budget management


How can Dandi Processes help?

Professionally managed projects will complete on time and within budget. Dandi Processes has the experience, systems, and processes to ensure your project comes in on time and within budget.

To establish the scope, Dandi Processes will work with you and your team to set up the project structure including the objectives, goals, and outcomes. Milestones will be identified and reported against.

Clearly defining the scope ensures changes are easily identified. Dandi Processes will ensure out-of-scope changes are captured for consideration and approval. Risks are identified early and monitored throughout.


Dandi Processes provide regular reporting to reassure you of progress. Dandi Processes can integrate milestone achievements to your processes and documentation. I can also provide training or briefings as implementation occurs.

Want to see if Dandi Processes can help you manage your business's project? 

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