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Targeting trades

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I have read a lot about how to make blogs count lately … that is, worthwhile and helpful to your target audience. Dandi Processes is targeting the trade industries, but I have missed the target with my blog to date.

So how to make my blog appealing and useful to the trades? Specially related to processes? This got me thinking more critically about what I have been working on and how useful these activities are to my trade customers.

Take marketing for example. It is like a black art to anyone over about 35 these days. I certainly do not claim to be a marketing guru but have learned a lot while looking at how to market Dandi Processes. I have therefore been able to apply my learning to assist an electrician.

This whole process did have me taking another look at my website. Very quickly I realised I had missed my mark there too. The content has been redone to ensure it is clear what I am offering and to whom I am offering it. Although I have projects underway, this is not through any of the marketing done to date. Website content and navigation fascinates me. So many times, I have thought (and had it said to me), who tested this website from a customer’s perspective? Ironic to find my own website failing in the same way. Testing is so important if you want success. Based on great feedback received from potential customers, their perspective is being better considered now. I am always happy to critique your website - just let me know.

For another trade, I have been assessing how best to provide documentation nationwide. The documentation needs to be dynamic, accessible, and user-friendly. To achieve this, a new tool will be necessary and is being considered by my customer. If the proposal is accepted, many business processes will need to reviewed and redesigned. Dandi Processes specialises in the business analysis necessary to redesign processes. To ensure business as usual during the transition, implementation and training are also covered by Dandi Processes. I ensure dynamic and flexible processes. Reviewing the processes for another company, forces me to look at my own processes. I invariably tweak them every time I review any other processes. Tools and technologies are always changing. There are almost certainly better ways of doing most things. However, when you are in the middle of it and are busy, it can be difficult to see the need for change. This is when Dandi Processes can be the most effective for you.

Check out the redesign of my website and, specifically, the projects. Contact me if you or your business needs similar help. AND if you have any feedback about my website, I will welcome it!

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